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Master the TV

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We have developed courses for Television and media. You can check out our courses and select the one which you find suitable according to your needs.


If you like to film everything, this is the ultimate profession for you.

Personal manager

Learn how to manage TV all by yourself and how you can increase profits.


If you like to tell the world about everything and anyone, this is profession for you.


Become a reporter, travel across the world and share the latest news.

TV business

Here you can learn how to manage TV Company perfectly.

TV laws

Learn about the laws and how they affect TV and how you can manage them properly.

All new offers

Below you can see a few new courses we have developed for you, just in case you want to become the best and the most advanced student in this line of business.

TV designer

This professional allows you to develop and manage graphics and visual aspects of a TV.

Movie maker

Yes, we introduced a movie maker course which can be more than just useful for those who love movies.

Check out all we have to offer in one place

Facilities we have

In order to provide the best education in this line of business, we have to offer the latest and the most advanced facilities in the industry. We have prepared all of them just for you.

TV art

A more devoted and more capable TV course related to the latest technologies.


Here is place where you can learn all and where you can understand all the basics.

Legal room

The course affects the laws and regulations all TV students and latter experts must know.

TV studio

Here you can learn all the basics and so much more.

Camera room

Learn about the TV behind the scenes.

Real world TV

Here you can manage your personal TV in test mode and see how it works and what you need to know.

All-new tech

We use only the latest and the most advanced technology related to TV. We have invested a lot of time, effort and money into making our university stand out from the crowd and become much better, more appealing and more advanced.

We shall continue improving and upgrading the tech e use just so our students can stay in touch and can learn from the best, using the best tech possible.

Want to know more or you are ready to join us?

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