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Who we are

Something about us

Our university is the most advanced, most modern and the most advanced in the class. We have students form the entire country and we are focused on training them for any kind of TV related business or job in the future.

For this we hire the best and the most professional journalists, cameramen and so much more, all in one place and all ready to help you master the new business and new education. TV is in the rise and has been in this since the origin.

Now you can learn all and become one of the new, top TV experts in the country and in the world. All in one place.

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Check out facilities we have

In order to provide the best education in this line of business, we have to offer the latest and the most advanced facilities in the industry. We have prepared all of them just for you.

TV studio

Here you can learn all the basics and so much more.

TV art

A more devoted and more capable TV course related to the latest technologies.

Camera room

Learn about the TV behind the scenes.


Here is place where you can learn all and where you can understand all the basics.

Real world TV

Here you can manage your personal TV in test mode and see how it works and what you need to know.

Legal room

The course affects the laws and regulations all TV students and latter experts must know.

I learned all I supposed to know. Now I am successful broadcaster in BBC. Thank you.
Robert Johnson,
I have so much fun learning. Professors are great and courses are amazing.
Jessica McAlister,
There is a single issue I must report. I want to give 10 out of 10 star rating if possible and to thank these guys.
Brian Domi,